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Open for business ! All workflows are based on our cloud collaboration tools, so we are uniquely able to sustain your creative and sourcing processes.
Go to a large portfolio of textiles

a large portfolio of textiles

Mitwill offers a large variety of standard and fancy fabrics in natural and synthetic fibres for fashion styles and home decoration. Mitwill customers are leading European fashion labels, garment makers, style bureaus and home decoration brands.

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our best collection of fashion prints

Mitwill prints are created by an international designer community. With 100+ new prints every month, the collection stays on top of fashion and color trends. The unique organisation of the sampling service allows rapid prototyping for Mitwill customers.

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Production made in Europe

Mitwill organises production in Europe with proven partners for each production and lot size requirement. Our printing partners have rotary, flatscreen and digital textile printing capabilities in reactive, sublimation and pigment prints to OEKO TEX standards.

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innovative services and networking

Mitwill uses innovative tools for collaborative design and supply chain integration with production partners. by Mitwill is a web service for on-demand printing for young professionals. Mitwill “Microfactory” project develops an industry 4.0 solution.

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With on-the-spot design, rapid prototyping in our own sample workshop and a cloud-based supply chain coordination, Mitwill supplies a wide product portfolio at competitive pricing. From the design to the fabric sourcing, Mitwill develops a range according to the needs of our key customers. We embrace innovative solutions to facilitate all processes. Build on Mitwill design and printing to boost your business.

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